well, whatever happens, happens

by yukon

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released December 31, 2012



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Track Name: i'm sorry i'm such an idiot
all those times, i stayed up, well it was all for nothing
and all those times at 2am i walked around those tall buildings listening to the national, or something
didn't make me feel any better, it actually made the whole situation quite worse
so i kissed some other girls and drank till my thoughts were drowned but still remembered you said "i love you, but yr bringing me down"; you kept it short and terse
and i laughed to myself cos those are my favourite lyrics that james murphy ever wrote, but you didn't even mean to make the reference
so we didn't talk for months and months and months and months, yeah, well it seemed to be yr preference
and i'm tired of feeling all this guilt that i buried inside of my ribcage
you stole everything I was right from me like the declaration of independece was stolen by nicolas cage
perhaps that was a stupid way to phrase that, well, I know it was
but i'm at a loss for words, and even if there were some in my throat they wouldn't be enough
i'm sorry i'm such an idiot
Track Name: why are you always fucking ghosts?
yr heading south, i'm watching the coast
i keep on brown trout blues as i slowly decompose
you were my fawn, and i was yr ghost
what we were is gone, so it goes
Track Name: doe eyes
i've come apart
that's all i've become
ever since you left
it's you i must embark
staring at the sun;
i catch my breath
you continue to haunt
it's never been enough
you touch my skin
everything you are
everything i was
everything i am
Track Name: summer '06 at brian's lakehouse
i remember that summer in 2006 when we drove up to PA. i went kayaking and swam in lake wallenpaupack. the sun burnt my back, and the seaweed began to wrap itself around both my ankles and pull me down. though i didn't drown, no, i'm sadly still alive.